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2000 YEARS OF TRADE Roman relics found on Domaine La Yole estate provide the earliest evidence of both wine production and seafaring activities dating back to the birth of Christ. The estate’s name illustrates the combination between sea-faring activities (a Yole being a small boat) and vineyard labour : Domaine La Yole. A Trading Place located at the crossroads of Napoleonic commerical routes Domaine La Yole’s history started in 1771, with Domaine La Yole’s wine was already being known all over the region back then. The French land registry demonstates that the vineyard’s wine cellars lied at the crossroads of major Napoleonic roads, in an area surrounded by pine trees…It was a meeting and commercial hotspot where people also used to drink wine : Domaine La Yole’s wine. Wine producer since 1771, Domaine La Yole offers you a wide range of wines and local products with Southern flavours! Discover all those gastronomic riches through year long wine tourism activities. There is always something to celebrate at Domaine La Yole