About us

We are a collective full of passion and desire. We always trust and true values ​​and pursue our goals.
With customers: We build a company that aims to best serve our customers, we working for customers need. Satisfying customer satisfaction and achieving expectations is our work goal. We are committed to bringing the difference, the experience to reach the final desire of our customers.
With partners: We always respect the effort, honesty, good morality as a measure for stable and sustainable cooperation. We aim at a strategic partner and complete the goal plan together.
With Employees: We respect and acknowledge the contribution of individuals and collectives. We love our employees, you are always the motivation for us to strive constantly, we always try to improve to bring employees a better life.

History begin

We established on November 6, 2008. We have more than 10 years of establishment and development. We have really encountered difficulties in the early stages, the support and support of customers has helped me to achieve good results in the past. We hope to serve our customers better and better.
So far, Vinadrink has established all three regions with offices and showrooms: Headquarter in Da Nang, Northern Branch and Southern Branch. We are present in 28 provinces and cities nationwide.
We are honored to partner with major hotel management groups such as IHG, ACCOR, Four Season, Stawood, Sheraton, Bayantree, Hilton, Marriot ...
Currently, we become a reliable partner and we always strive to improve ourselves to become a partner that every customer wishes to cooperate with.

Vision - Mission

Vision: Becoming wines business reputation with the best quality product and service in Viet Nam
Mission: Bring quintessential wine's on the world liturgical to the Vietnamese

Business Activities

Trusting relationships are the foundation of Vinadrink. Our producer, partner, and retailer bonds are maintained by the golden rule of treating others with honesty, integrity, and transparency. No matter the distance, this principle has guided our distribution journey across 28 province nationwide and enabled our consultative services to customers.

Organizational Chart